Are you a staffing firm?

No, our business is focused on finding candidates to fill long-term positions. We don't actually hire employees, instead we supply businesses with a steady flow of candidates who are pre-qualified using our tailored process of preliminary interviews, application review, and talent-branding.

Do you charge per candidate?

No, we instead work for a contracted rate that is calculated by working with businesses to determine how we can best help their hiring process to become better and more stress-free. This typically looks like a monthly number of billable hours.

Are you willing to attend our recruitment events?

When we're able to, we prefer to attend them on your behalf! Our attendance allows managers to stay in the workplace and focus on their duties, while we take care of getting potential employees excited about what their organizations have to offer. 

Do I have to pay for all services offered, even if I only need one or two?

Each service plan is completely customized to suit the individual employer's needs. For example, if your needs only go as far as preliminary resume review and job board upkeep, your contract would reflect that and would be less planned hours than a full-service contract.

Will you work without a contract?

Even though the recruiting environment of today is extremely cyclical and sees ups and downs throughout the year, we wanted to make it easy for businesses to seek our help without feeling stuck. Recruiting results don't happen overnight; they take planning and time in order to truly see measurable results. We believe that even without long-term contracts, we are a long-term solution.

Any other questions?

Schedule a call and we'd love to speak with you to explain more!

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