Our Services

Application Review


We review each and every candidate's resume to determine if their experience lines up with the position that a business is looking to fill, as well as to determine if they are a long-term or short-term employee. A potential employee's resume can say much more about who they are than just their work history, so we look at everything from school history to community service to gauge their qualification.

Event Planning & Execution


We help to build recruiting events in the influence area of our clients to seek, find, and excite candidates about the positions being offered. This allows us to not only interface with candidates but also market to potential customers when applicable. Our employees meet candidates with smiling faces and knowledge about the client's business, in order to generate interest and excitement about possible employment.

Community Relationships


Sometimes the best candidates come from the relationships that bring communities together!  We put an emphasis on establishing working relationships with applicable civic groups, non-profits, and other community organizations that may have interested candidates and uphold them to maintain a steady flow of high-caliber prospective employees while building our client's talent brand as a premier employer for their region.

Preliminary Interviews


Whether it looks like a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, we talk with potential employees to determine more of what makes them tick, and to see if their experience and skills fit with the work environment that managers are trying to establish. Our questions are targeted, efficient, and communicate organizational values.

Job Board Management


We set-up, maintain, and constantly update online postings that advertise employment opportunities. We can work with managers to create job descriptions that attract qualified candidates, and weed out candidates who may not be passionate about what the positions duties are.  Due to our scale and expertise, we are able to consistently build talent pipelines to be much larger than a typical hiring manger can.

Handbook Assistance


With an entire team of Human Resources experts, we're able to write, implement, and revise employee handbooks that minimize liability, encourage success, and help to communicate vision and purpose for members of an organization.